Features of Juztalent

Learn the features of our award-winning Cloud HR Management System (HRMS).

Can I use JuzTalent on different devices?

Yes, you can use JuzTalent’s modules on any devices. Our website is also mobile-optimized to minimize the risk of poor user interface.

How versatile is JuzTalent?

JuzTalent was created with your needs in mind. As its developer, AYP strives to ensure that JuzTalent can accommodate all possible circumstances.

JuzTalent’s configurations can be modified to suit different situations. Share your needs with AYP and we will be more than willing to assist you.

Where is JuzTalent available?

At the moment, JuzTalent’s eProfile, eTime, eLeave, and eClaim modules are globally accessible. However, AYP’s payroll solution is only available in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

What kinds of reports can JuzTalent generate, and in what format?

JuzTalent can generate various types of reports depending on the module used. For instance, the ePayroll module can create Comprehensive Payroll Reports, Detail Report Breakdowns, Total Payout Reports, CPF Reports, Year to Date Reports, and other payroll reports.

The reports are available in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats. Should you require a customized report for your business, please let AYP know.

Can I trust JuzTalent with my data?

AYP prioritizes security and understands the sensitivity of personal information. You can be assured that JuzTalent adheres to standard security measures for all registered accounts. For more information about data security, please refer to AYP’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Can employees have access to company data?

Access to company data can be granted to employees at different levels by authorized personnel.