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Automated multi-country payroll processing for your global team. Cross-border payments, tax filing, statutory reporting with local compliance. Enjoy 100% peace-of-mind.
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Why choose AYP Global Pay?

Boost Productivity

Get insights on workforce cost and productivity.

Experts in Asia

We have local payroll experts in 17 countries in Asia Pacific.

Improve Efficiency

Get payroll, tax, statutory reports in a click.

Save Cost

We pay your team in 160+ local currencies.

100% Compliant

Our platform automates local compliance. You stay current with new payroll laws.

Engaged Employees

Online payslips for your staff to access anytime.

Pay Anyone. Anywhere. Compliantly.

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Our Solution

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Worker classification & compliance check

Continuous support from our Customer Success and Centre of Excellence teams

Custom system integration

Customised payroll reports

Cross border salary payment

Local tax filing

Payroll GL/ Journal ledger

Consolidated payroll processing across multiple countries

All annual statutory reports for employers (tax contribution, pension scheme, local statutory contribution)

Ongoing HR support

Full benefits management and administration

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing means contracting an external provider to handle all payroll related activities.  Outsourcing this task to experts can greatly simplify the payroll process and allow the business to focus on their revenue-generating activities.

Hiring an external firm to handle payroll activities means a business organization can do away with the need to hire and train a large in-house payroll staff, buy appropriate software package for payroll functions and remain constantly updated about complicated tax regulations.

This is often an ideal solution for multi-country organisations who can rely on their payroll provider’s regional and country-specific expertise to simplify payroll management.

Offers end-to-end payroll services, including salary adjustments and claims

Gives advisory input regarding HR policies

Provides the expertise of our payroll experts across Asia Pacific

Extends cost savings as payroll is incurred as operating expense, not capital outlay

Consolidated payroll processing across multiple countries

Ongoing HR support

Employees will get paid in their local currency

Ensuring compliance with government regulations

Minimize payroll errors

Improve security

Maintain compliance

Payroll expertise

Better Risk Management

Extend Value Proposition

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