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AYP helps you manage your remote team's hiring, payroll, taxes, benefits, insurance with our safe SaaS-based PEO platform (Professional Employer Organization)
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Smart Analytics

View your payroll cost, workforce productivity, DEI in one platform.

Experts in AsiaHR Experts in Asia

AYP has top payroll, legal, compliance experts in your country.

Instant Onboarding

Onboard a new employee in a few clicks.


Pay cross-border employees in one currency, one invoice. We pay your remote teams in their local currencies.

100% Compliant

Our platform automates local compliance. You stay current with new payroll laws.

Engaged Employees

Boost employee engagement by up to 70% with our SaaS platform.

Our Solution

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Employment Contracts

Annual Statutory Reports for Employers and Employees

Payroll & Tax Administration

Cross-border Salary Payment

Employee Benefits

Worker Classification and Compliance Check

Customised Payroll Reports

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

A Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) Partner is an organisation which acts as a co-employer for your company. In short, it assumes many of your company’s Human Resource (HR) responsibilities. This ranges from onboarding, to insurance and payroll management.

A PEO partner can greatly benefit small- to medium-sized businesses. A study done by Extensis Group showed that a PEO could help small businesses grow 7%-9% faster and lowers employee turnover rate by 10%-14%. Companies who used a PEO also saw a 27% Return on Investment (ROI) based on cost-savings alone.

Partnering up with a PEO can greatly decrease the time your company spends on payroll processing and reports. Most PEOs automate the payroll process, which eliminates the chance of human error in your payroll. It also ensures that tax administration is handled accurately and in compliance with the regulations of the given country.

Allow businesses to hire full-time workers in other countries legally 

Drafts and maintains locally compliant employment contracts

All annual statutory reports for employers / employees

Full benefits management and administration 

Cross border salary payment 

Local tax filing 

Worker classification & compliance 

Continuous support from our Centre of Excellence teams 

Custom system integration

Eliminate complexities and costs that come with opening your own entity 

Quick entry into Asia Pacific

Retain talent and offer comprehensive benefits packages

Maintain compliance with employment contracts and evolving labor laws

Human Resources department reduces repetitive, labor intensive manual tasks

Streamline payroll by handling local taxes, pensions, and statutory benefits

Single Digital Dashboard with Enhanced-Security Features

Trusted by global brands

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