Benefits of AYP’s POM Services

With AYP’S POM (Payroll Outsourcing Management) services, you will gain access to a number of benefits for your business, including:

  1. Reduce the risk of paying payroll tax penalties due to unfamiliarity with cross-country rules and regulations.
  2. Avoid spending on multiple software to meet the legal requirements for employees in different countries. 
  3. Avoid paying expensive forex and bank charges in paying salaries to multiple locations.
  4. Payroll over a cloud system eliminates the need to worry about server maintenance and other IT-related concerns. 
  5. Maintain compliance with employment contracts and evolving labor laws.
  6. Reduce repetitive, labor-intensive manual tasks for HR department by outsourcing some HR functions to AYP.
  7. Streamlining of payroll by the handling local taxes, pensions, and statutory benefits on your behalf.
  8. A single digital dashboard with enhanced-security features for all your HR-related tasks.

AYP provides award-winning POM solution for companies looking to streamline their APAC payroll. Talk to our HR experts about it here.