Why AYP’s EOR services?

With AYP’S EOR (Employer of Records) services, you will gain access to a number of features for your business, including:

  1. Legal hiring of full-time workers in other countries.
  2. Creation and maintenance of locally compliant employment contracts by AYP.
  3. Preparation of all necessary annual statutory reports for employers and employees by AYP.
  4. Comprehensive management and administration of employee benefits by AYP.
  5. Facilitation of cross-border salary payments by AYP.
  6. Management of local tax filing by AYP.
  7. AYP ensures worker classification and compliance with local laws and regulations.
  8. Continuous support from AYP’s Centre of Excellence team to make sure your needs are met.
  9. Custom integration with your existing system integration.

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