Benefits of AYP’s PEO Services

With AYP’S PEO (Professional Employer Organization) service, you will gain access to a number of benefits for your business, including:

  1. PEOs are an excellent choice for companies looking to expand their global team and set up local entities requiring the support of a local HR.
  2. A co-employer that can assist in handling payroll, tax, compensation, hiring, and termination.
  3. Facilitation of quick and efficient entry into the Asia Pacific market.
  4. Comprehensive and attractive benefits packages to retain talents.
  5. Maintain compliance with employment contracts and evolving labor laws.
  6. Reduce repetitive, labor-intensive manual tasks for HR department by outsourcing some HR functions to AYP
  7. Streamlining of payroll by the handling local taxes, pensions, and statutory benefits on your behalf.
  8. A single digital dashboard with enhanced-security features for all your HR-related tasks.

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