Filing Tax Reports in Malaysia

Learn more about tax report submissions in Malaysia with this article.

When should the tax report be filed?

The monthly tax submission should be filed to the LHDN by 15th every month, while the year end tax submission should be filed by March of the following year.

What is the consequences of failing to comply with the tax report requirements?

Failing to comply with the tax return deadline can result in penalties and fines from LDHN, including:

  • Increasing interest charges on outstanding tax liabilities.
  • Criminal charges against individuals or businesses proven to deliberately evading taxes.
  • Damage to reputation which may increase difficulties to participate in certain transactions.

What is the process of year-end tax filing?

In regards to the year-end tax filings, AYP shall provide Employee’s Declaration (EA) Form to the employee by January on the subsequent year as well as providing the Employment Income Tax (E) Form to the company.