Income Tax in Hong Kong

Find out all you need to know about employee’s income tax in Hong Kong here.

What is the income tax rate in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong tax system applies a progressive tax structure, with rates as follows:

Taxable Income  Tax Rate 
HKD 50,000,000 2%
HKD 50,001.00 – HKD 100,000.00 6%
HKD 100,000.01 – HKD 150,000,000 10%
HKD 150,000,001 – HKD 200,000,000 14%
over HKD 200,000,001 17%

How to calculate income tax

In Hong Kong, income tax calculation method is determined by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

Is there a difference between calculating income tax for local and foreign employees?

Local and foreign employees are subject to Hong Kong’s income tax laws and regulations. However, should a foreign employee stay in Hong Kong for less than 60 days, they are not obligated to pay any taxes.