Malaysia Employee FAQ

Get the answer to frequently asked questions from Malaysia AGP users.

1. Are employees allowed to include their spouses and dependents under their AIA insurance scheme?

Yes, they are allowed to. Employees should provide their family’s NRIC and full name, and AYP will enroll them as dependents on the AIA portal.

2. Are employees allowed to upgrade their AIA coverage scheme?

Yes, they are allowed to. However, employees should take care of the balance independently.

3. Will employees receive any AIA physical card?

AIA does not provide any physical cards; therefore, employees should utilize AIA application instead.

4. Will EPF contribution appear on employees’ EPF statement?

AYP will submit EPF contribution every 15th of the month, and employees may check their EPF statement 3-5 days after the payment is made.

5. Which public holidays should employee follow?

Employees should follow the state public holiday from whichever address they are staying currently.