AGP: Signing Service Agreement

Learn how to sign MSA on AYP Global Pay with this article.


  • Login to your client account


  • Get welcomed by our product bumper.
  • Click View Agreement
  • Product bumper will guide to Employment service page.
  • Click on the highlighted tab – Onboard an Employee

Proceed to Sign Agreement

  • View the service agreement
  • Add comments regards the service agreement, so our team can assist you.
  • Click Proceed to sign, to add your signature
  • Click Review later, to head back to Employment Services page.
  • Draw your sign in the signature field.
  • To re-try drawing your signature, click on Clear signature
  • Once, you have added the signature, tick on the checkbox.
  • Click Accept and sign, to officialise signing the service agreement

Congratulations! You have successfully signed the service agreement.