Boosting Employee Productivity In The Workplace

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No matter how big or small a company is, employees will always be the backbone of it. Quite expectedly, there is nothing more important to a company than its employees.

Employee productivity is essential to the growth of a company and the overall quality of its products and services. The good news is that small changes here and there to the overall work environment and habits can greatly impact office efficiency and productivity.

Hint: Happy employees are generally found to be more productive. If you are looking for ways to boost productivity within your workplace, read on for some of the most effective tips on how to do so, and how JuzTalent can help with this.

1. Delegate Tasks

Increased responsibility boosts the morale and sense of importance an employee has within the workplace. The delegation of tasks to each employee based on their role can help greatly with this. Identifying appropriate tasks for each employee, and then communicating this clearly to every individual is a good start.

This way, employees have a sense of purpose and a clear set of tasks they need to complete. It is also important to set up a follow-up strategy. Doing so ensures accountability, helps you take note of progress, and provides support or assistance if necessary.

Delegating tasks to employees gives them a sense of purpose and importance within the workplace. Furthermore, having a clear set of tasks for employees gives them clear goals to meet on the daily. This also helps employees grow and develop their existing skillset. As an added bonus, they might even learn a new skill or two through this.

Overall, the delegation of tasks to employees can help give them a sense of belonging, purpose, and motivation at work. Added up, all of this can boost the productivity of your employees.

JuzTalent includes functions such as eProfile, where employees can update their own profile with details about themselves.

This is a simple tool you can utilise to find out more about each employee, and delegate tasks with ease based on what their strengths and weaknesses are, or what they specialise in.

2. Improve Workplace Conditions

Seeing as employees spend a big bulk of their time in the office, it would make sense to ensure that this workplace is a comfortable, conducive environment. For example, ensure that the temperature in the workplace is neither too hot nor cold as both factors can greatly impact productivity. Research done by BusinessTown shows that the most conducive temperature is between 20-21 degrees Celsius.

Furthermore, ensuring the office chairs given provide good back support is important as well. Seeing as employees spend the majority of their time working seated, ensuring their comfort reduces distractions and ensures employees are happier. Ensuring your workplace is both comfortable and conducive for employees is an essential step towards boosting productivity.

Employee welfare goes miles in improving productivity levels. A more conducive environment ensures less distractions. Employees who can focus generally produce better quality work, so this is something worth looking into.

The use of JuzTalent ensures that a big bulk of your Human Resources (HR) needs are taken care of.

Thankfully, this means that your HR Department will have more time to plan and implement a budget and measures on how to have the most conducive workplace environment possible.

3. Encourage Autonomy

When it comes to increasing team productivity, micromanaging workers is a big no-no. This may seem counter-intuitive, but constantly peering over your employees’ shoulders makes them anxious and can result in poor performance. The key to ensuring productivity is to encourage individuals to take ownership over their own time, tasks and resources.

Encouraging this independence empowers employees and gives them a bigger sense of responsibility. Allowing workers to take ownership over their tasks and manage their own time is an effective tool in encouraging productivity. Doing so encourages competency and self-starting, which are big steps towards productivity.

Taking a more hands-off approach to completing tasks, but still checking in for updates every now and again provides workers with the autonomy that many of them desire. Making them feel competent and trusted will work wonders in improving not just job satisfaction, but overall productivity as well. 

JuzTalent provides employees with the autonomy to do their own onboarding, as well as view their own payroll and apply for leave and claims online.

All these give employees a sense of independence and control, as they are being trusted to complete such tasks quickly and efficiently instead of having a manager hover over them. JuzTalent empowers employees by adding a sense of autonomy to their day-to-day work and encouraging independence.

In Conclusion

Employee productivity is commonly discussed, and employers are constantly looking for ways to improve this. However, productivity is much more straightforward than many may think. More often than not, having happy and driven employees with a sense of purpose ramps up productivity.

As such, cultivating such a work environment for employees should be a main priority for employers looking to boost productivity within the workplace. While it may seem counterintuitive to take a more hands-off approach, employees value their autonomy and independence, and this often translates to better productivity as well. All in all, boosting employee productivity is something that consistently needs to be reviewed and tweaked as needed.

It is not something that happens overnight, but it is worth all the effort for higher quality work done in a shorter amount of time. Regardless of what you choose to do, the efficiency and convenience of JuzTalent can help to boost the productivity and satisfaction of your employees in a myriad of ways.

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