What Is International Recruitment?

what is international recruitment
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Hiring the right talent is a crucial factor for an organisation. It is one of the top priorities for business growth and expansion, and in today’s globalised workforce, it has become even easier to acquire talent as it is no longer restricted to geographical boundaries. The rise of remote work and advancement of technology has made it possible for employees to search for work globally, while organisations can recruit or hire internationally, no matter where their organisations are located. 

Recruiting the best global talent begins with an international hiring process; however, what is international hiring or recruitment, and what does it entails?

Searching for the right global talent

International or global recruitment is a HR process whereby employees are hired from anywhere globally, without geographical barriers. Global recruitment has become popular today, and due to that, many businesses have shifted to a mindset of hiring potential candidates that matches closely to the skills and expertise that they are looking for. 

This differs from domestic recruitment as international recruitment depends on a few distinct factors. Market, language, culture and other factors can impact the global employment process. As an example, the hiring process is different in the US from the hiring process in Europe.

Candidates in the US are expected to have skill-driven resumes, and certain personal information such as Date of Birth (D.O.B) or marital status may not be necessary or relevant. However, for potential candidates looking for jobs in Europe, this information on their resume might add a competitive edge.1

Staffing approaches in international recruitment

There are 3 general staffing approaches when hiring internationally:2

  1. Regiocentric: This refers to the approach whereby employers hire international employees from multiple countries within the same region as their business.
  2. Polycentric: This is an approach whereby employers hire candidates from the country that they would want to expand their business to.
  3. Ethnocentric: This applies when employers hire employees from their parent countries for locations worldwide.

No matter which staffing approach that an employer takes, hiring globally, especially through an international staffing agency, gives access to a wider talent pool and also promotes cost-effective, streamlined processes.

Global hiring through EOR services

International hiring is possible through EOR recruitment. 

AYP’s award-winning EOR services can provide the following Employer of Records benefits to your organisation:

  • Elimination of the complexities and costs associated with opening your own entity in a foreign country.
  • Facilitation of quick and efficient entry into the Asia Pacific market.
  • Comprehensive and attractive benefits packages to retain talents.
  • Maintaining compliance with employment contracts and evolving labour laws.
  • Reduce repetitive, labour-intensive manual tasks for the HR department by outsourcing some HR functions to AYP.
  • Streamlining of payroll by handling local taxes, pensions, and statutory benefits on your behalf.
  • A single digital dashboard with enhanced-security features for all your HR-related tasks.

If you are looking to hire the right talents for your business, let AYP help you to accelerate your business growth - discover our EOR solutions or talk to our HR experts here for more information.

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