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Workforce Management Solutions: the HR tools of tomorrow.

Organisations often struggle to be able to capture human resource needs and changes when they get too large. We explain how AYP Global Pay can help you hire anyone, onboard anywhere, manage & pay anytime

As a company’s size grows, organisational leaders often struggle to gain an accurate snapshot of their workforce and employee movements. This often creates human resource challenges for employers who are planning their staffing needs.

Workforce management solutions present some of the best answer for companies to be able to address these issues.

Why use a workforce management solution?

One of the biggest challenges organisations face today is understanding their workforce and managing the cost of labour. As demand for hybrid and remote work grows, businesses need better tools and solutions to be able to adequately monitor the flow of labour to anticipate workforce shortages and employee movement.

This is where workforce management solutions can help. These tools help equip organisations with a host of employee management tools which can help improve employee productivity, lower operational costs, better manage time and attendance tracking.

With workforce management solutions, businesses will be better equipped with tools to help them hire anyone, onboard anywhere, manage & pay anytime with minimal hassle and compliance issues.

How AYP Global Pay helps with all things HR?

AYP Global Pay is our one stop answer for all things HR within your organisation. With AYP Global Pay, organisations will be equipped with the relevant necessary tools to be able to capture organisational data at a glance and perform employment related operations with ease.

With AYP Global Pay, organisations can:

1. Employ & Hire Anyone

In a highly globalised world, employers such as yourself will need to be able to leverage talent not only from local sources but across the globe. Being able to leverage global talent means that you would be able to hire employees, contractors, and freelancers across countries compliantly and without hassle.

AYP Global Pay Offers:

  • Consolidation of rules, regulations, and laws across different countries to give you meaningful data in a standardised format.
  • Automatic updates and compliance to latest country regulations
  • Latest updates regarding leaves, approvals, and other alerts
  • Access to company’s workforce information

2. Work & Onboard Anywhere

Through cloud technology, you’re not limited to just hiring and employing anyone through AYP Global Pay. You’ll also be able to onboard employees to join your organisation from anywhere. This simplifies the onboarding process of employees and quickly equips them to be ready for job responsibilities and tasks.

AYP Global Pay Ensures:

  • Accurate monthly payroll with our advanced calculation engine
  • Accessible Clocking in and out on multiple devices
  • Standardised format of leaves and claims
  • Seamless onboarding of new hires, and greater employees collaboration

3. Manage & Pay Anytime

Generating a clock-work payroll process which is fully compliant with government social security requirements is the goal of many regional organisations today. In addition to compliance related requirements, organisations also need to be able to have complete accuracy and efficiency in their payroll management solutions. AYP’s ability to manage and pay employees at any time does just that.

AYP Global Pay Provides:

  • End-to-end payroll services, including salary adjustments and claims
  • Advisory input regarding HR policies
  • Expertise of specialist payroll experts across ASEAN
  • Cost savings as payroll is incurred as operating expense.

Transforming your HR

Workforce management solutions are an integral part of modern HR processes. The quicker an organisation embraces this change, the better the organisation’s ability to be able to embrace HR challenges and grow.

Don’t delay your progress. Find out more about AYP Global Pay from our HR experts by filling in the form below.

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