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By making use of the AYP methodology, AYP Global Pay can help your business with all things HR.

As a PEO service provider, AYP pays close attention to problem-solving for our esteemed partners and clients. We are also here to provide the best HR management solutions possible, making use of data analytics and the latest technology available.

We pride ourselves in being a total workforce management solution, so all businesses working with us can manage their employees from onboarding to payroll in multiple countries. You can accelerate your global expansion through dedicated support and assistance from our in-country HR advisors, and by resolving all your HR needs using AYP Global Pay.

Our AYP Methodology looks into PEO and EOR, Payroll, and Freelance Management, so businesses can effectively maximise their resources to do their very best. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should hop onto AYP Global Pay today.

1. AYP guarantees the best user experience on AYP Global Pay

With everything on a single dashboard, AYP Global Pay is simple to use and guarantees a hassle-free experience. The service itself is also responsive to your needs, prioritising efficiency and convenience, so you can do more in one business day. You can also make effective decisions in real-time, with your easy access to smart data analytics and reports.

2. AYP Global Pay meets all your HR needs on a single dashboard

With AYP Global Pay, you are entitled to PEO / EOR in countries where you choose not to have a permanent establishment. And in countries where you have local entities, you can enjoy automated payroll processing.

When it comes to working with freelancers, your business will have an easier time as well. AYP Global Pay can lend you a hand regarding consolidation, compliance contracts, and payment of freelancer invoices.

3. Enjoy the full suite of AYP PEO features

From employment contracts to annual statutory reports, AYP Global Pay can generate them in the least amount of time for you. You will also gain full benefits administration and management.
Cross border salary payment and local tax filing can be done with convenience too. Most importantly, AYP Global Pay will help you with accurate worker classification and corporate compliance.

4. AYP Global Pay meets your payroll needs

Aside from offering end-to-end payroll services, such as salary adjustments and claims, AYP also gives advisory input regarding HR policies. We will also offer the expertise of our payroll experts across Asia Pacific.

This also means that doing business across multiple countries is made easier, since you gain access to consolidated payroll processing!

5. Work with freelancers conveniently and efficiently

Together with AYP Global Pay, you can onboard and pay your freelancers across Asia Pacific easily and compliantly. After all, you will be able to access localised contracts and guidance on local labour laws, pay freelancers in local currency and manage all employment contracts on one platform. Even invoicing contractor payments can be done in a single click.

At AYP, we believe in making digital workplaces happier and smarter through the use of technology. We are keen to help companies like yours to build a scalable and engaged hybrid workforce, so you are definitely going to get our continuous support through AYP Global Pay. In fact, you can get onboarded in one day and enjoy custom integration to our PEO service.

If you want your business to maximise its resources to have a better, smarter workforce, AYP Global Pay is certainly the way forward. Let AYP help you through the use of analytics, data, and algorithms. Learn more about our AYP Global Pay platform by scheduling a demonstration today.

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