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Don’t let remote working and hiring overseas stop your company from having high productivity. Pick up some tips, or let your friendly PEO service do the job for you. 

According to an extensive study done by Microsoft 1, remote working may achieve higher levels of productivity in the short-term before falling back down in the long-term. This may become a problem for businesses in the near future, since 97% of employees around the world would like to partially or completely stick to remote working for the foreseeable future 2.

As a business owner, how are you then supposed to keep your employees happy while achieving high employee productivity?

This is a tricky question to answer, especially when it comes to hiring overseas and having an international team of employees that cannot be physically present at the workplace. But fortunately, you can easily leverage HR technology to implement a remote work policy for your business, have effective communication, and monitor employee productivity.

But before we get into what exactly a PEO service like AYP can do for you, here are some tips to achieve high employee engagement and productivity while your company offers the option of remote work.

1. Hire and Retain Better Talents

With more local and overseas workers expecting remote work to be offered as a benefit, your company has to offer a remote work option to even attract and retain suitable talents from all over the world.

And by giving such flexibility in terms of how and where your workers can complete their tasks, your company stays competitive in the hiring market and your workers will become more productive. After all, happy employees make productive employees 3.

Need to find a way to better hire and retain talents? Read our article on 4 Work Benefits to Retain Employees.

2. Build Trust Between You and Your Employees

Trust is key in any relationship, and a working relationship is no exception. According to a study by Harvard Business Review 4, workers at high-trust companies experience less stress and have more engagement, satisfaction, and higher productivity. This means that your company can cultivate a positive work culture while having higher employee productivity. It’s a win-win situation!

You’ll also be happy to know that building trust doesn’t require any grand gestures on your part. Give these suggestions a try the next time, and see how they foster a more trusting and harmonious work environment for all.

  • Encourage your employees, not command them
  • Give credit to employees when credit is due
  • Try not to micromanage, do regular check-ins instead
  • Set aside time to organise team-building activities as a company/department

3. Establish Effective Communication Practices 

With remote work, effective communication between employers and employees is vital. There is a heavy reliance on digital communication tools and online meetings, all of which can be difficult to navigate. It also doesn’t help that a failure to communicate can lead to stress, resentment, and negative impacts on employee engagement.

By establishing and maintaining effective communication practices, everyone in the workplace benefits. Remote working wouldn’t lead to an increase in unnecessary miscommunication and undone work, and employee productivity can slowly make its way to a higher level than before. Learn more about how to achieve effective communication here.

4. Streamline and Simplify Work Processes

When your employees are based all over the world, it can be difficult to keep track of what needs to be done and the level of productivity as one workforce. But this issue can be easily resolved if your company has a single workforce management platform.

Your company can cover all bases with a single PEO service like AYP. With the use of analytics, data, and algorithms, you can carry out digital onboarding of new hires, better monitor your business’ performance, and keep track of your employees’ productivity on a single dashboard. In fact, you can easily collect supervisory feedback and identify any issues that require sorting out before anything happens.

With that level of convenience and expertise at your fingertips, employee engagement and productivity would no longer be anything to worry about when it comes to remote working.

AYP is an award-winning end-to-end HR solution with the expertise and knowledge to keep your company relevant to the times in Asia Pacific. Check out our AYP Global Pay platform here to learn more and schedule a demonstration today.

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