3 Top Tips to Hiring Top Talent in Asia in 2023

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To do it the easy way, just hand the job over to AYP today. Learn more hiring tips and tricks from our upcoming Future of Remote Hiring: Asia Pacific Webinar   Your employees and talents are one of your company’s greatest resources. The different departments, skill sets, and unique perspectives come together to get your company’s best work done, helping you reach a diverse clientele and a good level of business success. But of course, hiring the right talents is key.   To better your company’s recruitment, PEO services like AYP can definitely lend you a helping hand. But it is always good to keep up with the hiring trends, and know exactly what your company should be looking out for. Here are three tips on how to hire top talent in Asia.  

1. Look At Talent’s Proficiency, Not Pedigree

Education and the development of skill sets can go beyond a talent’s formal qualifications. Even though graduating from a top-tier college may signify a talent’s intelligence and capability, work experience or even qualifications from different fields can go a long way in the workplace as well.  To hire top talent, one who is ready from day one and best fits your company, you can consider asking yourself these questions:
  1. What skill sets does the job position require?
  2. Are some of the necessary skills transferable from elsewhere or beyond the relevant educational background?
  3. Has the talent done courses outside of their formal education? Are those courses relevant to this job position, or can they offer new ways that are worth exploring?
  4. Beyond formal education qualifications, what other qualities am I looking out for?
  The current hiring trend encourages employers like yourself to value skills and experience over formal credentials.   And by doing so, you can hire top talents who are able to hit the ground running from day one and not waste any time with a talent pool limited by formal qualifications only.  

2. Redefine What “Talent” Means

“Talent” can sometimes be a vague term that holds different meanings for different workplaces. Would you only be referring to concrete skill sets, such as programming, or would you also be referring to soft skills, such as building interpersonal relationships?    To do well in a workplace, your talent not only needs to have the capability to get work done, but also the ability to adapt and assimilate into the new environment and work culture.   Both types of skills go on to benefit the workplace, so you might want to have a more holistic definition of “talent” and look out for well-equipped talents during recruitment.    This way, your company stands a higher chance of hiring suitable talent and retaining them for the long term.  

3. Improve Your Employer Branding

Employer branding refers to external and internal branding, with the external establishing an image with potential hires and the internal ensuring that your current employees are aligned with your organisation’s goals and motivations.   When employer branding is good and strong, it communicates clearly how your company is a good place of work for potential and current employees.   This naturally betters your company’s recruitment. Instead of just you trying to headhunt and reach out to potential talent, your organisation becomes a magnet attracting those who already naturally feel aligned with your brand goals.   

Let AYP Help You Out

AYP Global Pay is a single digital platform that offers both Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) and Employer of Record (EOR) solutions. With a single dashboard, you can easily access all the HR features that your business needs, and that includes helping you hire the right talent and beefing up your recruitment process! And with AYP Global Pay covering all bases when it comes to managing your business, you never have to worry about anything HR-related again. Ready to let analytics, data, and algorithms help you improve your HR processes? Learn more about our platform by scheduling a demonstration today!  

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