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Digitalisation of modern businesses has opened up three essential roles. We look at the skills needed to fulfil software development, cybersecurity, and digital marketing data analyst roles.

The global talent shortage rages on and working from home may not be the default arrangement anymore for many companies. The new normal now is a hybrid workforce fuelling the demand for tech workers.

A study by Korn Ferry predicts that a shortfall of 4 million workers could impede the advancement of tech. come 2030.

What these in-demand tech careers mean for Businesses

With so many job opportunities and not enough people to fill them, efforts of hiring managers to attract high-quality talent will be challenged. Additionally, having industry background experience would be needed to help companies identify some of these required skills.

We explore the top three in-demand tech careers in Southeast Asia, and the skills you’ll need to look out for if you're hiring for your overseas expansion.

1. Software Developers

With every business needing an online presence to survive in this day and age, software developers are in high demand, no matter the industry. Software development in Indonesia could be particularly competitive as the country currently leads the offline-to-online consumer growth rate among other Southeast Asian countries.

Employers can broaden their search for qualified candidates by paying more attention to competencies than educational qualifications. Today, many successful software development professionals have honed their craft without a diploma or degree and may have even more impressive portfolios than the ones who have graduated from universities 1.

2. Cybersecurity Professionals

With software infrastructure comes threats in the form of network breaches, cyberattacks and malware. This has resulted in the rapid growth of demand for cybersecurity roles, especially in the healthcare, manufacturing and government sectors across the region 2.

Mandatory experience is required in networking and systems administration, with a working knowledge of all operating systems. If your business makes use of cloud infrastructure for your data, do specify candidates with a strong background in cloud security.

3. Marketing Data Analysts

With most Southeast Asian consumers showing a willingness to try new brands, the demand for digital marketing data analysts has grown. The need is greatest in Thailand and the Philippines; 68% and 80% of Thai and Filipino consumers reported trying new brands during the pandemic respectively3.

Marketing data analysts take the information gleaned from your website, app and social media, and apply it in the form of business insights. They usually work with tools like Google Analytics and Adwords, with extensive experience in search engine optimisation and marketing 4.

It’s a Buyer’s Market

As you go about growing your workforce for your overseas expansion, remember that in areas of high job demand, the job opportunities you have on offer need to be sufficiently attractive to nab the skilled workers you want.

Build your company’s work culture to be the right fit for the career you’re hiring for, and success will follow.

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