3 Countries in Asia with the Greatest Hiring Potential for Manufacturing

hiring potential in Asia
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And learn how AYP Global Pay can help you hire well and enhance your recruitment efforts.

To achieve business expansion without compromising on quality of work and your profit margins, your company needs to hire well.

This means your entire recruitment process – from opening up positions to onboarding – has to be well-informed, smooth, and comprehensive. And this includes knowing where to hire and what sort of talent to look out for. 

In this article, we focus on the countries in Asia with the greatest hiring potential for the manufacturing industry. Read on to know which countries to pay closer attention to, and then find out how a PEO solution based in Asia Pacific, like AYP, can give you an advantage.

1. Vietnam

It is no secret that Vietnam is known as a manufacturing hub. Just last year, Vietnam’s manufacturing sector accounted for over a quarter of the country’s GDP, and the sector is expected to do even better in the long run. The country has also been improving its manufacturing sector through digitalisation and infrastructure investments.

Top roles:

  1. Manufacturing engineers
  2. Supply chain operations managers
  3. Research & Development managers

2. Indonesia

When it comes to manufacturing, Indonesia’s specialty lies in machinery and petrochemicals. They have the manpower and the expertise to get the job done for companies from all over the world. In fact, regarding productive-adjusted wage rates, Indonesia is one of the top few Asian countries with very competitive rates.

Top roles:

  1. Electrical specialists
  2. Manufacturing managers
  3. Application engineers

3. Thailand 

Thailand is known for its automotive manufacturing. It has the know-how, a good policy package, and a strategic location. In Thailand, many foreign investors are focused on the electronic machinery sector, and the country has become the largest automotive manufacturer in Southeast Asia. Now, Thailand is seizing the opportunity to get into the rising electronic vehicle manufacturing sector.

Top roles: 

  1. Manufacturing engineers
  2. Supply chain managers
  3. Process improvement specialists

How AYP can Help with the Asia Pacific Region

In general, countries in the Asia Pacific region are getting onboard with the manufacturing industry. According to current trends, it is highly likely for the region to become an industrial powerhouse. By encouraging growth in these specific areas, the various countries can remain competitive and relevant in tomorrow’s market.

AYP has expertise regarding Asia Pacific, helping international clients to expand their business in this region. Aside from that fact, AYP is also offering a very convenient solution: AYP Global Pay.

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