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Through HR automation, you can hire with our PEO and EOR solutions easily.

First impressions matter, and a new hire’s first impression of your company is formed during the onboarding process. So it goes without saying that a seamless onboarding experience is ideal. Then, how do you achieve a great onboarding process without spending too much time, money, and effort?

Automate your onboarding process, and you can easily achieve a seamless onboarding process for all new hires. This goes without saying when you choose to engage with AYP PEO and EOR solutions to help you out. And to further convince you, here are four other good reasons why you should get onboard with automation.

1. Easy Access to All Relevant Company Information

All companies want to give every new hire a good impression right from the start. With an automated onboarding process, employees should gain access to all the information that they need to work effectively and efficiently.

This includes the company’s policies, compliance documents, and goals and objectives for each job position.

For certain PEO and EOY services, your company can also track your employees’ progress in real-time with reports that the automated onboarding solution is able to generate. You will no longer have employees missing out on tasks, and you can gain accurate insight into employee productivity too.

2. Have All Paperwork and Data in a Centralised Location

Through the use of HR automation, everyone in your company can create, receive, and share documents from a single centralised location. Your company can simply get rid of redundant hard copies or multiple versions of the same document to greatly reduce any possible miscommunication in the workplace.

This encourages a streamlined working process, increased employee productivity, and a futureproof workplace.

In fact, this also helps your company make a seamless transition to a hybrid workforce management. This enables your company to go regional in a single day, especially with AYP’s expertise and help.

3. Improve Employee Retention

When you have a standard and reliable onboarding process, which also relies on automation, your company will have no problems with eliminating unnecessary paperwork and engaging new hires from day one.

And with better employee engagement, it is needless to say that your level of employee productivity and employee retention will increase as well.

4. Introducing AYP PEO & EOR Solutions 

Automating your company’s onboarding process brings about a lot of benefits, so what exactly do you have to lose? And with AYP PEO and EOR solutions, you can do so much more than just automate your onboarding process with a single dashboard.

AYP Global Pay is a single digital platform that gives you convenient access to all HR features. This includes automated compliance, digital onboarding, and payroll in more than 130 currencies.

Plus, it also gives you a view of your total workforce cost too! To hire anyone, onboard anywhere, manage and pay anytime, and get custom HR advisory,

learn more about our platform by scheduling a demonstration today!

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