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Fast expansion with AYP Employer of Record. Hire your team compliantly across Asia Pacific. Offer local benefits and payroll in one place.

In-house expert advisory. We have local experts on the ground in every country that can help you with local queries and compliance.

100% compliance. We take care of all the local compliance and payroll so you can focus on growing your business.

Transparent price guarantee. Hire, manage and pay employees for a flat, monthly rate. No minimum number of hires.

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See why more than 500+ companies trust us with their global hiring

We help you hire remote employees across Asia, compliantly and easily.

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Hire employees across Asia

Hire your remote team across
Asia. We take care of payroll, taxes, benefits and compliance.

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Manage your Asia team

Manage your Asia team
through a single dashboard.
Onboard new hire, manage payroll and more.

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Provide local benefits

Provide your team with local benefits such as health insurance.

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Stay 100% compliant

Stay compliant with local labour laws and regulations. We take care of all the paperwork so you don’t have to.


Hire your talent anywhere in Asia

Build your dream team with our Employer of Record (EOR) solution. We help you effortlessly hire employees across Asia while complying with local employment laws – so you can grow seamlessly across the globe.

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Manage everything in one place

Our workforce management platform helps you manage your global team with ease. Onboard new hire, manage payroll and more from a single dashboard.


Offer world class benefits

Provide your team with curated local insurance that provides full coverage at competitive rates. We make it easy to manage and enroll your team’s benefits.

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Be 100% compliant in every country

We ensure that your team across Asia is compliant with local employment laws in every country. We handle all payroll, taxes, and benefits so you don’t have to worry about them.

Our difference

Here’s how we’re different from the rest.

We’ve got the localised HR advisory and compliance expertise you need, all with unmatched price transparency.


In-house expert advisory

HR experts specialising in employment regulations, local statutory benefits, and tax laws by countries across Asia that are dedicated to uphold compliance and support your HR team.


Compliant across employee's lifecycle

We localise every aspect of our product, from country-specific contracts to notice periods, leaves, salary benchmarks, benefits and termination practices across Asia.


Transparent price guarantee

Get peace of mind with our transparent price. Hire, manage and pay employees for a flat, monthly rate. No minimum number of hires.


Our customers love us

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We are very happy with AYP’s service! AYP’s physical presence and in-country HR experts in Asia Pacific have helped us expand our business quickly and easily across Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines.

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Alan Ding

Admin & Finance

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We needed a reliable partner as we continue to expand in Asia. AYP met our needs! They are knowledgeable, responsive and experienced with local employment laws and payroll computation. Thanks to them, our staff are paid on-time and in full compliance.

Eunice Au

Admin Manager

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AYP's platform allows our employees to access payslips, claims, and leave details anytime, anywhere. This has reduced our costs by 18% and increased efficiency by 30%. By automating these processes, we can now focus on strategic HR tasks.

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Marcella Latif

Human Capital Officer

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