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The future of work is all about automation, so you should hire and onboard with a PEO or EOR today. HR departments are responsible for talent management. They hire and onboard new hires, as well as administer employee-benefit programmes for the company. That being said, they are also in-charge of the company’s headcount, welfare, and all the accompanying paperwork. This means that the HR department might just be the most labour-intensive, with your employees needing to perform monotonous, tedious tasks on the daily. By the time these HR-related tasks are done, there’s almost no time left in the work day for other critical business functions and projects. But with HR automation, your company can easily get all the paperwork and tedious tasks out of the way to focus on the more important things: streamlining work processes, effortless talent management, and futureproofing your company through business strategisation. Curious to learn how HR automation can help your company become smarter and more efficient? Read on.  

Introducing The Only PEO & EOR Solution You Need

AYP has come up with AYP Global Pay, a single digital platform offering both Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) and Employer of Record (EOR) solutions. It gives you easy access to all of the HR features that your business needs through a single dashboard. This includes automated compliance, digital onboarding, and payroll in more than 130 currencies. Plus, it also gives you a view of your total workforce cost too! Here is exactly what our AYP PEO solution includes:
  1. Employment contracts
  2. Annual statutory reports for employers and employees (tax contribution, pension scheme, local statutory contribution)
  3. Customised payroll reports
  4. Ongoing HR support
  5. Continuous support from AYP Customer Success and Centre of Excellence teams
  6. Full benefits management and administration
  7. Local tax filing
  8. Cross border salary payment
  9. Payroll GL / Journal ledger
  10. Worker classification & compliance check
  11. Custom system integration
  AYP Global Pay covers all bases when it comes to managing your business, so you never have to worry about anything HR-related again. We are definitely here to give your HR department the help that it needs to hire anyone, onboard anywhere, manage and pay anytime, and get custom HR advisory. With us, your business can leverage AYP’s HR knowledge and expertise on a single platform to do a lot more with a higher level of productivity. Outsource all your HR tasks to AYP Global Pay today, and let analytics, data, and algorithms help you improve your HR processes today. Imagine no longer having to go through unnecessary spreadsheets and repetitive data ever again.  

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