3 Workforce Trends To Pay Attention To in 2023

3 workforce trends
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Over the last two to three years, the global workforce has evolved in fundamental ways. An increasing number of employees are embracing a remote working arrangement, more companies turn to automation to carry out mundane tasks, and businesses that advocate for diversity and inclusion attract the younger talents entering the workforce.

And now with the gradual approach of 2023, what can your company expect? How can you prepare your workforce for 2023?

The answer is simple. Your company must pay attention to global workforce trends and adapt whenever possible. This way, your company will be able to stay relevant in the job market and face no problems appealing to new talent. Here, we look at three global workforce trends that your company should pay attention to.

1. Remote Work Is On The Rise 

No longer are employees keen to stick to the traditional office-centric work arrangement. As the demand for work-life balance and the need for flexibility keep increasing, more and more companies are turning to remote work as a legitimate working arrangement to remain relevant and attractive to today’s talent in the job market.

  Remote work is about giving your employee the freedom to choose their own work environment, which can be a co-working space, their own home, or even another country altogether. And according to recent studies, remote work can actually benefit the company as much as the employees.

  In 2020, GitLab reported that there is an increase in employee productivity and efficiency with a remote working arrangement. Employee morale and employee retention also increased rather significantly too, helping the company gain better external and internal employer branding.

2. Work-Life Balance Is A Priority

As compared to more traditional employees from the earlier generations, modern employees are not keen to work late nights and longer weeks. They look out for work-life balance, which allows them to have leisure time and opportunities to focus on their wellbeing.

In 2020, Randstad reached out to employees to find out what are some traits that make a potential employer attractive. The top three traits are: salary and benefits, work-life balance, and convenient work location. And they emphasised that offering work-life balance is the big differentiator a company can have to attract and retain talent aside from offering long-term job security and a decent salary.

3. Better Mental Health Support Is Key

Mental health awareness is on the rise in the workplace. Today, companies are working towards increased access to mental health resources, such as offering tips on how to reduce stress and avoid burnout. In fact, by cultivating a healthy work environment, your company will naturally achieve a higher rate of employee retention and productivity. 

By advocating for good mental health support, your employees will also feel better supported in the long run. They will also feel appreciated and cared for, both of which are great motivators for them to stay on and grow alongside your company. It is a win-win situation!

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