Overcoming the Challenges of Remote Work

challenges of remote work
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Despite the popularity of remote work, companies that implement it can run into certain common problems. Discover what can be done to help workers in overcoming remote work challenges. 

While demand for remote work continues to rage on among millennial and Gen-Z populations, companies that choose to implement hybrid or remote work programmes aren’t exempt from needing to overcome remote work challenges.

Companies that better anticipate these challenges will certainly fare better during their transition to a remote working environment. Learn four sure-fire ways to help you in overcoming remote work challenges.

4 Challenges to effective remote work

1. Lack of visibility 

Remote work has created a situation where inexperienced managers often assume that remote workers are not productive. We often hear the phrase: “out of sight, out of mind” and remote workers are probably the first to fit this category.

Workers who work from home may have to face the music more often and have their work performance called into question by managers.

Solution: Overcoming this remote work challenge involves providing periodic updates with your boss and showing some face time during company conferences or events. Try occasional lunches with co-workers or your boss to make your presence felt.

2. Enabling Collaboration

Communicating through a computer screen may be the norm for many remote workers nowadays but some employees just require human elements to be able to remain productive in a work setting.

Working through a computer screen makes it difficult for remote workers to be able to gauge their peers’ emotions, mood and energy online. This problem further compounds when multiple teams need to be coordinated on a single project.

Solution: Communicating with clarity is the best way to resolve this challenge. That means braving oneself to make the call to overcome this workplace challenge. Remember that taking 15 minutes for a call is better than waiting a day for an email response. 

3. Mental Health Challenges

The challenge of mental health on remote work cannot be overstated. Employees who are unable to set boundaries when working from home risk suffering from burnout and other unwanted mental health conditions.

Moreover, if employees continue in a state of stress and disarray, this would affect not only business productivity but may even increase turnover in a business

Solution: Addressing mental health challenges can be an issue for workers in an Asian setting due to the stigma associated with mental health disorders. Workers need to recognise symptoms of their own stress and allow time for relaxation and rest. If all else fails, there is no shame in seeking feedback from a professional mental health practitioner.  

4. Distractions

Whether it’s the TV, social media, family member or pet, distractions exist all around us and this is particularly so for remote workers. Sometimes household challenges like a crying child or an elderly parent needing care may also add to the challenge of work distractions at home.

Solution: To avoid distractions, some recommend that remote workers create a dedicated work desk free of distractions to allow them to focus. If required, why not set apart a dedicated room for working as well and set aside time for one to be able to work.

Will you be joining the remote work journey?

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