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How Businesses Save Time & Costs With AYP Global Pay

If you want to do smart business, getting onboard with AYP Global Pay is the very first step. Here’s why.

When doing business, there are many hurdles to jump over. One such hurdle is the management and payroll of your distributed workforce across multiple countries.

With crossing geographical boundaries and working across many time zones, you'll have your work cut out for you when you juggle hiring, onboarding, and managing employee productivity, all at the same time.

Most companies are struggling to manage and payroll their global workforce due to six reasons:

  1. To cater to the employee needs in each country, companies end up spending a lot of their budget on multiple softwares.
  2. To work with the differences in local requirements, companies start to implement complex HR processes that lead to inefficiency and time being wasted.
  3. Sometimes, companies also end up with penalties for non-compliance of local rules and regulations.
  4. With the difficulties and challenges of remotely managing talents in other countries, companies may face a higher turnover rate and a lack of employee satisfaction.
  5. Companies also struggle to make well-informed business decisions in real-time due to lack of data visibility.
  6. To pay salaries across multiple countries, companies also face expensive forex and bank charges.

But thankfully, these factors can be mitigated and managed with AYP Global Pay, a single dashboard created by our in-house HR experts with over 10 years of experience in Asia Pacific.

Introducing AYP Global Pay 

AYP Global Pay is a digital platform that covers all your HR needs on one dashboard. It brings all of AYP’s best assets together, so you can enjoy automated compliance, digital onboarding, and payroll in more than 130 currencies. You can even look up your total workforce cost!

With this optimised SaaS software solution, there is almost nothing that your business cannot do.

Here’s a full breakdown of what you can look forward to by relying on AYP Global Pay:

  1. Hire suitable talents from everywhere in a single day.
  2. Work rapidly towards global growth and expansion.
  3. Automate global payroll, payments, and workforce management.
  4. Streamline your HR processes across regions.
  5. Eliminate human errors and achieve greater accuracy through the use of analytics and relevant data.
  6. Manage compliance risk, save on operating costs, and make real-time business decisions.

AYP Global Pay has all of your bases covered, from hiring and onboarding to managing your entire workforce.

In fact, you can even achieve corporate compliance without having to know everything about global employment law, compliance mandates, and the regulations in different countries.

If you are keen to do business the smart way, AYP Global Pay is the one dashboard that you’d want to rely on. After all, by leveraging AYP’s HR knowledge and expertise, your business can run smoothly and expand to new countries without worry.

We are also an award-winning end-to-end HR solution in Asia Pacific, so you can be sure that your company’s payroll and productivity will be properly managed too.

Learn more about our AYP Global Pay platform by scheduling a demonstration today, and our friendly AYP staff would be more than happy to assist you.

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