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By now, remote work needs no introduction. For many organisations, it seems like it is here to stay in the long-run. Remote work poses its own set of benefits, but with that comes a unique and unfamiliar set of challenges for organisations everywhere.

  According to a Harvard Business Report, 62% of employees believe working remotely positively impacts engagement, yet only 5% are likely to stay at their company long-term. This gap thus introduces a challenge for organisations to rethink their engagement strategies and efforts. Gone are the days when happy hours and weekly check-ins are enough.

  Below are some of the most effective ways in which you can ensure that your remote workers stay engaged.

1. Sending Care Packages

Care packages are a sure-fire way to boost employee morale. These can range from anything like snacks, and even fun DIY Projects or games. Not only does this encourage employee creativity, it is also a fun way to increase engagement levels and bring remote workers together. Companies can choose from a variety of themes or products and send care packages to the doorsteps of employees.

  These care packages can also be personalised with little notes to each employee. This is a great way to let employees know that they are cared for, and is an excellent and quick way to brighten up their day. 

2. Hosting Virtual Events

Virtual events are another effective way of bringing remote workers together. This, of course, should go beyond weekly check-ins or meetings. Get creative with the virtual events that your company hosts, which can range from anything like a movie or game night to even costume competitions.

  There are endless possibilities to the ways that a company can interact with employees remotely to keep them engaged and excited. 

3. It’s All In The Culture

At the end of the day, we all crave connection to others, and this includes your remote workers as well. It is key to create safe spaces for employees to talk about things that may be going on in their lives outside of work.

  This can be as simple as asking employees what their plans for the weekends may be, or what they usually do outside of work. This gives employees the chance to interact with one another at a level higher than that of simply what’s going on at work. 

Remote or Not, Employee Engagement Matters

Employee engagement can make a vast difference in the way your employees interact with one another. Furthermore, having a strong level of employee engagement can improve the retention rates of your company.

  The rise of remote work has provided HR with a new and unique set of challenges, but also the opportunity to be creative with the way in which one engages their employees. 

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