The Future of Work Webinar

future of work webinar
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HR 2021: The Future of Work
The Future of Work is now. Working from home is the new norm. COVID-19 has forced HR and business leaders to change the way they engage their employees. What are the new skills needed to build a positive employee engagement and employee experience? This webinar will get you to re-think how to engage and interact with a remote workforce. Get practical tips from Mr Raymund Chua, CHRO, Consortium for Clinical Research and Innovation Singapore, and Mr James Day, MD, Excelitas Technologies Singapore, as they share strategies for a great employee experience, mental wellness, and productivity in a work-from-home culture.

Key Takeaways:

  • HR trends that shape the Future of Work in 2021.
  • Top 5 HR leadership skills to engage a remote workforce.
  • Best practices to build a sustainable employee engagement strategy.
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