Future of Remote Hiring: Asia Pacific

future of remote hiring in Asia Pacific
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Future of Remote Hiring in Asia How do companies hire top talent in Asia? Join us for a live webinar with experts in Global HR, recruitment, talent acquisition and HR technology. Hosted by AYP’s Managing Director, Jolin Nguyen. With the remote work revolution, today’s HR leaders have a world of borderless talent to choose from. To compete globally and save cost, companies are looking to hire in Asia Pacific. Learn from Indranil Basu Roy, a global remote employer/employee on how you can employ top talent. Find out how to ensure employment compliance in the different Asia Pacific countries that you hire in. Curious to learn all the answers to the statements above? Learn all the best practices and make Asia’s best talents available to you. Join Annie Yap, Founder of AYP and award-winning Executive Search and Recruitment leader, and Mr Adrian Tan, HR Tech Influencer for the latest insights in 2023.
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