Currency Payroll Frequency Employer Taxes
New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) Monthly Approximately, 16.57% – 19.48%



Taiwan has a highly developed and successful economy that has consistently ranked among the top countries in the world in terms of GDP per capita. The country has a market-oriented economy that is driven by exports, with a strong focus on high-tech industries such as electronics, machinery, and petrochemicals.

  Taiwan is home to a number of major multinational corporations, including Foxconn, HTC, and Acer, and is a major player in the global tech industry.

  The country’s success in this sector has been fueled by a combination of a highly skilled workforce, a strong education system, and favorable government policies that have encouraged innovation and entrepreneurship.


How can PEO solutions help?

Imagine the ability to hire across country boundaries at scale and without having to worry about the legal and employee administration process of your employee. That’s how PEO solutions work. 

  By providing total workforce management solutions, AYP Group is able to help you manage payroll, distribute competitive employee benefits packages, and ensure that your business is compliant with the relevant local legislation wherever your employees are based. 


How much would PEO Solutions cost?

The range of solution providers of PEO solutions can range from USD300 per employee to USD650 per employee. View AYP Group’s transparent list of solutions for your worker types here. 


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