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Our Company Values


We put 100% into creating new, cutting-edge technologies and transforming our clients’ businesses for the better.


We stay firm in our ethics and maintain the highest standards of quality in our work.


We commit to giving our clients the best possible value through our services and solutions. No cutting corners.


We believe in the power of working, creating, and playing together as a team. Everyone in the AYP family is the best they can be.


We don’t make empty promises. When there is a job to do, we do it tirelessly, with all that we have to offer.

What does the Future of Work mean to us?

The continuing trend of digitalisation is the key factor in workplace success. I’ve no doubt that AYP will continue to innovate in the areas of organisational management and employee growth.
Navin Prakash

Accountant (Singapore)

To me, the future of work means that flexibility and happier employees will no longer be the exception, but the norm.

Yen Ho

Payroll Specialist (VN)

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