How can I make Mondays better for my employees?

The fear of reporting to work and beginning your workweek is known as Monday Blues. The Monday morning blues may affect you and your staff because they do not wish the weekend to end, don’t feel motivated to work or feel overburdened by duties at work. The main reason that dreads your employees going to […]

What is the difference between a company mission and a shared purpose?

A common misconception of shared purpose is organizational mission and vision. A vision usually envisions the future outlook of your organization and inspires your employees to achieve. A mission describes what your company is doing and what ambitious goals are your company working on to achieve the vision. A shared purpose inspires your people to […]

Is rehiring a form of internal hiring?

Yes, rehiring former employees is a form of internal hiring method. The best example of a company upholding its word is AirAsia, which promised to rehire everyone who Tony Fernandes, the group CEO, had to let go in 2021. High-skilled jobs like cabin crew require at least 90 days of training before being on duty. […]

Why is employee benefits important to employees?

According to a Glassdoor survey, half of the respondents (50%) would choose new additional benefits over pay increases. Similarly, according to an employee benefits survey report, 42% of employees would prefer a new employee benefit over a pay raise if their employer offered them an extra $200 per month in compensation. Learn more about What […]

What are the common risks for SMEs in HR management?

SMEs are three (3) times more vulnerable to being targeted by hackers than larger companies. High-quality talents are often attracted to join established companies rather than SMEs. Often overlook the need for a strong onboarding program. Often experience a higher staff turnover rate. Neglecting the documentation requirements for managing a company. Struggle more when dealing […]

What financial needs or benefits do Malaysian employees need?

Employees Provident Fund (EPF), the country’s social security system, serves as the primary retirement plan in Malaysia and is a mandatory saving plan for private sector employees. Due to exceptional circumstances brought on by the global crisis, members could withdraw funds from their accounts in 2021 to cope with urgent needs. As a result, 12.78 […]