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Are you looking to hire and pay employees in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan – without a local entity?



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Why use an Employer of Record in Asia?

Acquire Asia Talent to save cost

With out Asia Pacific talent pool, you can hire the best local professionals in sales, marketing, finance, tech, HR and Customer Success, without a local entity. You can enter new markets quickly and save cost.

Compliant Onboarding by our local HR experts

Employment contract that complies with local legislation

Benefits enrollment


Orientation in local language

hr software solutions
ayp group

One easy platform to access payroll, benefits and taxes

Payroll in local currencies in Asia



Employee contribution

Expense reimbursement

Why choose AYP Employer of Record solution?

Compliance with local employment laws

Reduced hiring time and cost

Minimized legal and financial risks

Dedicated HR support and expertise

Seamless onboarding and payroll management

Access to a wider talent pool

How our Employer of Record solution works?

AYP hires the employee on your behalf and act as their legal employer.

AYP manages HR admin and legal tasks, including payroll, taxes, benefits and compliance.

We partner with you to ensure a smooth onboarding process for your employees.

Why choose AYP?

ayp pricing

Price transparency

No hidden costs. Transparent pricing that enables you to scale your workforce cost- effectively.

hr software compliance


Automated compliance gives you a quicker time to onboard and pay your employees.

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Since 2009, AYP has over 15 years of in-country HR experience in Asia.

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