The Changing Workforce Landscape & How it Impacts HR

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In recent years, the workforce has changed in ways both expected and unexpected. The use of smart phones, social media as well as the changing thoughts and opinions of society have all contributed to the change in workforce norms around the world.

All of these have led to changes which many business professionals have struggled to keep up with. As the workforce continues to change, many are speculating on how the current workforce may evolve and change even more. Anticipating and preparing for changes can help an organisation stay on top of their game in terms of employee welfare and technology, amongst other things.

Changes in the workforce means that HR Teams also have to grow, learn and adapt. With that in mind, here are some changes which business professionals have anticipated to take place within the coming years.

1. Remote Work Options

Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds within the past few years. Unsurprisingly, this is expected to continue. This will ultimately lead to more people having the capability to work off-site or from home.

To prove that further, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has proved that working from home is possible in many industries. This flexibility has proven to be attractive to employees. Working remotely, even if it’s just part-time, might just be in the cards for workplaces in the future.

With employees working remotely, HR Teams will have to branch out and find new methods of employee engagement. This will definitely include a lot more online engagement. For example, regular zoom meetings to check in on employees’ welfare and productivity might be something HR Teams can look into. Expectations should also be set for each employee weekly, and updated regularly.

This way, employees are still being engaged and can then feel a sense of belonging to the company. At the same time, having set goals means their productivity levels can also be kept consistent. JuzTalent can help with functions such as eTime, by which employees can easily clock in and out, and ePayroll, by which employees can view their payroll even if they are not in the office. JuzTalent can help a company stay engaged with its’ employees, even if they are working remotely.

2. Increased Focus on Employee Experience

Times are changing, and employees now are looking beyond just another regular jobs with basic benefits. Employee welfare has been taking front and centre, with candidates now demanding more in terms of welfare and work-life balance.

Companies now have to be one step ahead in order to attract and retain the best employees for the job. Well-designed, comfortable work spaces along with flexible work hours are both good approaches to start with. With candidates now putting more emphasis on employee experience, companies have to ensure that their employees are getting the best employee experience possible.

The shift in priorities for employees means that HR Teams now have to ensure more than ever that employees are satisfied with their overall work environment. HR Teams have to put more emphasis on gathering regular feedback from the employees, and planning changes based on these. Overall, HR Teams will have to focus on employee experiences and how to consistently improve and upgrade on these.

JuzTalent is a good tool for employees to utilise in order to enhance the employee experience. Through JuzTalent, employees have more independence in creating their own employee profiles, and interacting with that of their colleagues. It also allows for a unique, fuss-free employee experience.

3. Greater Dependence on Technology

Chances are, your workplace has already seen impacts based on this. As technology advances and becomes more efficient, people are bound to have a greater dependence on it. This is especially so as it increases convenience and productivity in the workplace.

Most employees perform their tasks on computers and communicate with one another as such. As almost everyone relies on technology in one way or another, it has become an essential part of any workplace. This is not likely to stop any time soon, but to progress further, as the younger generations become increasingly tech-savvy. In order to adapt to this, workplaces are likely to upgrade their technology and as a result, become increasingly reliant on this.

Many HR Teams will start using HR Software to assist them in their daily HR Tasks. HR Functions such as payroll processing, leave processing, claims and computation of work hours can easily be performed using HR Software.

HR Teams will also become increasingly reliant on technology in order to assist them in their daily tasks. This has its perks, as it increases accuracy and decreases the amount of time needed to perform such tasks manually.

JuzTalent is a system which assists with HR-related tasks. To keep up with the advancements in technology, JuzTalent ensures that all companies utilising it are up-to-date and compliant with regulations, as well as with payroll and time processing, leave and claims, as well as onboarding.

With companies relying increasingly on technology to assist in HR Tasks, JuzTalent is well-equipped for this

As the workforce is being changed and reshaped globally, it’s time for companies to step up and grow along with the process. This includes keeping up with technological changes, but also taking note of any new trends that may emerge in the coming years. Many envision the future workforce to be a flexible, dynamic and empowering place, and that’s exactly what employers should be aiming towards.

Times are changing, and companies have to be more than prepared to adapt to these changes for themselves and of course, for the well-being of their employees.

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