5 important tips for getting the job offer now!

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Found the PERFECT job you are looking for and you want to ace THAT job interview. Daunting, isn't it? Not to worry. We will share 5 important tips that will help you land that dream job.

Tip 1: Preparation

We cannot stress enough the importance of preparing yourself for the job interview. As they say, preparing yourself is half the battle won. Keep abreast of the current projects of the company as this will help you to prepare for specific questions and ask pertinent questions during the interview. All these signal to the interviewer that you have done your homework and express a genuine interest in the company.

More importantly, you have to know your job description well. This will help you understand the attributes and skill set that your employer is seeking. Tailor your examples to exemplify the important traits that they require. Additionally, ensure that you know your resume at the back of your hand and bring extra copies to your interview. You never know if there will be more than one interviewer.

Tip 2: Physical Appearance

First impressions matter. Always be professionally dressed even if the company is in a business casual environment. You are not part of the company yet and a business suit is still much required.

Most hiring managers believe that people who dress appropriately are more likely to be successful than those who dress shabbily and inappropriately. Informal dressing signals a casual attitude towards work and authority. You might want to make sure that never happens.

Tip 3: Body Language

Body language is also very relevant in portraying your interest for the job. To clearly project your interest and engagement in the interaction, be mindful of the alignment of your body position to that of the interviewer. This will display that you are in agreement with him or her.

Always sit up straight and display your neck, chest and stomach area to show that you are open and willing to share during the interview.  Should you happen to have more than one person interviewing you, address both interviewers and return your gaze with the person who asked you the question.  In addition, ensure that your gestures are kept above the desk, but below your collarbone. Lastly, do not fidget or cross your arms or slouch, as these can convey signs of nervousness or insecurity.

Tip 4: Show your Enthusiasm

Smile and always show your enthusiasm to the interviewer. Keep an interested expression during the interview to show that you are paying attention to the questions. Do nod and make positive gestures in moderation to show that you interested in the job.

When you have the chance, make eye contact and let him/her know why you want to work for her. Should you have any other job offers or interviews that you will still be going for, make it clear to him/her that you prefer this job as compared to the other jobs.

Tip 5: Ask the Right Questions

The most crucial part of all to outperform the other candidates is when the interviewer asks “ Do you have any questions for me?” Make the interview a two-way interaction and use this chance to ask him/her questions of your own.

Some of the questions that you can ask include “What would be my day-to-day responsibilities”, “What is my career path progression” and even a question on “How do I fit this role”. A last parting question that you can ask before the interview concludes, is to ask how you actually compare to their ideal candidate and other applicants.

Do not be afraid to ask your interviewer gently should they have any hesitation in hiring you. And if they do, what might the hesitation be. This will provide you with an opportunity to clarify any doubts and  provide more information to the interviewer.

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