With Hiring Down, HR Firm Adds Value Instead

hr firms adds value ayp group

Jolin Nguyen, General Manager of AYP Group provides her view on how AYP Group managed to stay afloat despite the economic downturn and how employees are an important asset in driving and accelerating the business. A slowing economy has meant less job-hopping and more employees staying put – which is not great news if you […]

AYP Shortlisted for Vendor of The Year Awards 2020

AYP HR Solutions has been shortlisted for the Vendors of the Year Awards, 2020. After careful consideration, we were nominated as finalists for the Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner category. The award itself was set up by Human Resources Online, and has been ongoing for six years. Its aim is to celebrate the exceptional contributions of […]

5 important tips for getting the job offer now!

Found the PERFECT job you are looking for and you want to ace THAT job interview. Daunting, isn’t it? Not to worry. We will share 5 important tips that will help you land that dream job. Tip 1: Preparation We cannot stress enough the importance of preparing yourself for the job interview. As they say, […]

Chin-up and Stay Up

5 core values ayp group

100% Business Continuity for AYP Group even when working from home As many of you know, the situation regarding the COVID-19 situation has rapidly deteriorated over the past couple of weeks. In light of this, AYP Group has taken several measures to prepare ourselves for what might be a long-drawn fight against the virus. Today, […]

AYP Founder Invited as Guest Speaker About Entrepreneurship

ayp found guest speaker

Ms. Annie Yap, founder of AYP Group was invited as a guest speaker hosted by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Asia to give her thoughts about entrepreneurship, and how she runs her business. The students who were present were aspiring entrepreneurs, and those interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources (HR). The purpose of her […]

Determined Baby Bear Climbs Steep Mountain to Reunite with Mother Bear

In the video, it shows a determined baby bear climbs steep mountain to reunite with Mother Bear. The baby bear cub struggles up a steep, snow-covered slope toward its mother. The bear climbs a few steps, slips back down, and tries again. The cub refuses to give up as his little paws try their best […]