Your end-to-end solution for all things HR

An all-in-one platform that uses advanced data analytics to ensure faster hiring, better decision-making, and easier management. Do business across countries with convenience, and grow with AYP!

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24 hours

Hire, onboard, manage, and pay all on AYP Global Pay.


Smartest People and Payroll Management System in Asia Pacific

Use standardised formats to easily access rules, regulations, and information from different countries to better manage your global workforce and payroll processes.

Enabling Smarter Decisions in Real-time

Use data analytics and AI to access your company’s data to observe trends, plot progress, and plan ahead.


Start Optimising Your HR Processes Today

Hire employees, contractors, freelancers compliantly

AYP Global Pay consolidates the rules, regulations, and laws across different countries to give you meaningful data in a standardised format.

  • Automatically updates and stays compliant to latest regulations
  • Encourages employees to self-onboard and upload personal details
  • Gives the latest updates regarding leaves, approvals, and other alerts
  • Allows access to company’s entire workforce information
Simpler, safer, & smarter HR solution for you to leverage cutting-edge technology

AYP Global Pay covers all HR solutions, including workforce management and payroll, to make your daily administrative tasks hassle-free.

  • Ensures accurate monthly payroll with our advanced calculation engine
  • Makes clocking in and out accessible on multiple devices
  • Manages leaves and claims in a standardised format
  • Onboards new hires seamlessly, and encourages employees to collaborate

Increase efficiency & accuracy in your payroll management today

AYP Global Pay streamlines payroll processes and simplifies administration for you to maximise your HR resources.

  • Offers end-to-end payroll services, including salary adjustments and claims
  • Gives advisory input regarding HR policies
  • Provides the expertise of our payroll experts across ASEAN
  • Extends cost savings as payroll is incurred as operating expense,
    not capital outlay

AI & Data Driven


Our data analytics give you standardised formats of information that easily navigate global differences in work management.​


Our AI gives you real-time information regarding your employees, finances,
and productivity.​


Our platform offers you convenient access
to all the tools for your easy management
of HR.​