3 Key HR Tasks, and How a PEO Can Help

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Like it or not, HR-related tasks are a must-do for most, if not all companies. It forms the backbone of the way a company functions, and how employees perceive and feel about working with a particular company.

  And yet, many HR functions are often overlooked or seen as nothing more than a necessary chore that needs to be done. Thankfully, a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) allows you to turn to a single partner to take care of your HR needs, no matter the size of your business. 

1. Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is an integral part of any business or company. Employees expect to be paid on time and accurately. On top of that, additional factors such as tax calculations have to be made in a compliant and timely manner.

  While this is a necessary HR function for any company, many still struggle with the resources to process both payroll and taxes accurately, compliantly and punctually. Doing so is not only confusing for the HR department, but can also take up a large portion of their work hours, which could have otherwise been spent on other tasks.

  A PEO takes the weight of this task off your hands, and has experienced professionals on hand to calculate your payroll and taxes accurately and in a timely manner. 

2. Employee Relations

Employee relations are necessary in order to keep employees satisfied and happy. This often has a direct relation to how long an employee may decide to stay at your company for. A safe, supportive environment can greatly improve the employee retention rate for your business. This includes issues such as conflict management, check-ins on employees and onboarding.

  Employee relations can be sticky to manage, and are best left to the experts. As a PEO behaves as a human resources consultant, it can advise your company on the best courses of action to take regarding workplace policies, disciplinary actions and conflict management.

  A PEO has all the expertise and experience necessary to help you make informed, well-structured decisions regarding the employee relations within your business. 

3. Administrative Responsibilities

Administrative tasks are an inevitable part of human resources. This includes the handling of paperwork, leaves, claims and performance improvement. In the old days, this would have included a ton of paperwork in bulky folders.

  However, this can easily get lost and disorganised. Furthermore, paperwork is often troublesome to file and organise. At the same time, organised, effective administrative tasks have to be carried out in order to keep the company running, as well as ensure that employees have faith in their employer. 

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