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AYP launches a newly built help centre as a knowledge base to enhance Customer Experience.

Get ready to access all information seamlessly, promptly, and professionally.

Singapore, [31/3/2023] - AYP Group is proud to announce the newly launched help centre to help new and existing clients to obtain quick answers to commonly asked questions. 

The help centre is part of the company's efforts to enhance the customer experience and serve as a knowledge base to provide ready information, exceptional service, and support to all our clients. 

1. Get the information you need anytime, anywhere

AYP believes that hiring anyone from anywhere will no longer be a dream in this digitally enabled era and is making an effort to realize this dream for companies.

With more than 10 years of experience, AYP impacted more than 500,000 lives across 17 APAC countries, with over 100 legal experts supporting in-country compliance and local HR, payroll & tax-related advisory. 

Our clients are located all over the globe. We believe that distributed workforce is the future of work. Our team, located all across APAC, is dedicated to building a scalable distributed workforce for all the high-growth companies globally, shared by the Managing director of AYP-group, Jolin Nguyen. 

By empowering our clients to build a distributed workforce without the restriction of hiring from just one location, our clients can enjoy paying a much lower total employment cost according to the particular country's currency and cost of living. 

2. From 24 hours turnaround time to real-time support.

The objective is to help our clients manage their distributed teams in different geographical areas and time zones. We believe that this help centre will provide real-time self-service support without waiting for our international clients to reach out to our In-country experts. 

In this technological revolution era, the communication process should be simplified to meet the urgency of obtaining information and solving problems. This self-serving platform will reduce communication time and earn the trust of the customers we serve, shared by the excellent director, Leticia Loh.

3. We believe clients deserve the best

Building a remote and distributed workforce requires extensive research and time. The help centre will add value and serve as a guide for potential clients who wish to build their distributed teams in the APAC region quickly and need help with how to do so.

“The differentiation between our help centre and google search is the actual experience and expertise we have built over the years from navigating quick expansion and solving complex legality issues, including the procedures and methods,” said Jolin. 

AYP established this help centre with more than 10 years of experience managing HR and employment-related issues from knowledge building and conducting business overseas.

All of the FAQs were further refined by over 100 employees with the latest rules and revised regulations from time to time since we started the business. Every single piece of information included in the help center is thoroughly reviewed and approved by legal experts because we strongly emphasize compliance.  

4. Enabling clients to become In-country Experts

The help centre covers a wide range of topics, including how to hire with and without an entity, different regulations in labour laws, payroll, tax regulations from various countries, navigation guide for businesses as well as employees. 

We understand how our clients have different concerns in setting up their businesses in a new foreign country with a foreign culture, especially regarding the legal aspects where they might unintentionally violate the local laws and how to hire talents compliantly.  

The help centre will be the company's ongoing commitment to providing outstanding customer service and enhanced experience. 

“We are constantly striving to improve our services and support. The help centre is just one example of how we are working to enable self-serving through technology, so our clients can access information whenever and wherever they are when help is needed,” Leticia added. 

5. More support is on its way!

What’s next after the launch of the help centre? 

In line with our vision to be a leading HR technology solutions provider for this world that leads the future of work, AYP will commit to developing more guides and tools for building a remote team in the targeted countries, such as hiring overseas staff, talent mapping information all over the world that will help our clients make expansion and hiring decisions.

We will be releasing more upcoming useful features on AYP global pay soon!

About AYP Global Pay

AYP Global Pay is a cutting-edge platform that provides a modern solution for remote work, making it easier for businesses to hire and manage global talent from anywhere in the world. 

With the world shifting towards a remote work model, AYP Global Pay offers a seamless experience for both employers and employees, from onboarding, payroll, and legal compliance to payment processing of over 130 countries' currencies, all integrated into one platform.

Hiring the best talent without geographical restriction and enabling businesses to build a scalable distributed workforce is AYP Global Pay's brand promise.

For more information, please visit:

AYP-group:  https://ayp-group.com/

AYP’s help centre: https://info.ayp-group.com/knowledge

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