Top 3 Countries in Asia with the Biggest Hiring Potential for Biomedical

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And learn how AYP Global Pay can help you hire well and improve your recruitment efforts. 

To achieve business expansion without compromising on quality of work and your profit margins, your company needs to hire well. This means your entire recruitment process – from opening up positions to onboarding – has to be well-informed, smooth, and comprehensive. And this includes knowing where to hire and what sort of talent to look out for. 

In this article, we focus on the countries in Asia with the biggest hiring potential for the biomedical industry. Read on to know which countries to pay closer attention to, and then find out how a PEO solution based in Asia Pacific, like AYP, can give you an advantage.


When it comes to the biomedical industry, Singapore is currently home to the headquarters of eight of the top 10 pharmaceutical and medical technology firms. There is an increasing demand for talents who have the necessary skill sets in engineering, laboratory settings, and technical sales to facilitate these corporate expansions into the country too.

Top roles:

  1. Validation engineers
  2. Research scientists
  3. Medical laboratory scientist


The Thai government has announced its intention to foster growth in the biopharmaceutical industry, and that includes the biomedical industry as well. The expansion into this particular sector is a part of Thailand’s 20-year national economic growth strategy. It is possible that the country is hoping to work its way up to becoming a global leader in the bio-economy.

Top roles:

  1. Service engineers
  2. Biomedical engineers
  3. Regulatory affairs associates


Malaysia has been focusing on biotechnology for the last 15 years, and a good 24% of their “BioNexus” designated businesses are focused on biomedical. The country shows a lot of potential and promise, with an increasing number of companies popping up and the lowest in patents.

Top roles: 

  1. Product specialists
  2. Biomedical engineers
  3. Product specialists

How AYP can Help with the Asia Pacific Region

In general, countries in the Asia Pacific region are getting onboard with the biomedical industry. They are investing resources into research and development, developing patents, and technologically advanced solutions. By encouraging growth in these specific areas, the various countries can remain competitive and relevant in tomorrow’s market.

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