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What do wolves teach us about leadership and teamwork?

1. Taking care of the old and sick teammates

In a wolf pack, the first row is formed by the old or sick and the leader is usually not the one that stands in the front. The young and healthy members are assigned to look after them by ensuring they are guided “in front”.


2. Enable the strongest in the team to achieve its maximum function

The wolf pack can be divided into five (5) separate positions. The weakest would be in the front, followed by the strongest, then followed by the ""ordinary ones", and the leaders would be last.

  In a team, the strongest ones are the ones that can contribute more to the team. The leader needs to identify them and utilize their strength to take care of the weaker team members. 

3. The leader’s role: Ensuring no one is left behind

The alpha wolf is the leader of the team who stays at the back to ensure that no one is left behind. The leader is ready to run in any direction to protect his team. Once the pack has grown up, they will eventually form their own packs and leave the group."

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