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What are the 5 things you can learn from a wolf leader?

1.The leader need not be the strongest:

The strongest in the team are the hunters. Collaborating with people who are stronger than you is important to achieve success.


2. Place the correct person in the right position:

The strongest key hunters don't decide who to kill, the leaders still hold the decision-making in giving signals to the hunters. A leader must have a clear vision and direction by recognizing and appreciating each person's abilities and unique qualities.


3. Give functional and clear directions instead of leading in the front:

Staying at the back and guiding the team alone is not an easy task than giving instructions in front. However, standing at the back gives a clearer picture of how the team is performing.


4. Ensuring team members’ well-being and gaining loyalty in return:

Animals like wolves are passionately devoted to their pack. People are absolutely loyal and devoted to a team when they feel included, valued, and encouraged to be who they are. A sense of belongingness is easily developed.


5. True leaders are not aggressive:

This doesn’t mean that this type of leader is not confident or lacks self-assurance. On the contrary, the wolf leader knows what he needs to do and what is best for his team. A champion does not need to prove himself aggressively if he already is.

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