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What to include in an onboarding checklist?

1.Goal-setting and performance expectations.   

2. Communication: 

Email, messaging apps, directory, organization chart, and video conferencing access.

3. Technology protocols:

Necessary hardware and software tools, IT security policies, and data-sharing boundaries. 

4. HR documentation:

Latest in-country employment laws.

5. Benefits package:

Different countries' benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and vacation policies. 

6. Schedulesfor check-ins.

7. Cultural awareness and sensitivity training. 

8. Job training: 

Company policies, procedures, safety and compliance requirements, and personalized training according to the role. 

9. Mentoring and networking arrangement. 


How can an EOR help in effective onboarding?

Background checks, reference checks, visa processing, recurring payroll, local taxes, and compliance problems are all tasks that an EOR service provider can manage.

In addition, onboarding training, orientation, and cultural assimilation. Talk directly with us to see how we can help!

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