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What are the strategies to digitize employee onboarding?

Onboarding international employees from different countries will only be possible with digital solutions.

These are the 4 digital approaches: 


1.Personalized onboarding digital experience

Create onboarding experiences according to different employee personas and design an empathy-based communication to strengthen the employee value propositions (EVP).   


2. Create an automated and scalable onboarding process based on personas:

List every stakeholder, specify the onboarding tasks, and systematically distribute them to the appropriate owners.  


3. Utilize technology investment to aid more talent sources:

Expand the onboarding procedure beyond new hires, including the transitional journeys of other employees. 


4. Use AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality):

AR or VR elevates the onboarding experience, creating a memorable, engaging event promoting social connections, particularly in remote work.

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