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What are the benefits of digital HR?

  1. It reduces employees' hassle to obtain a physical signature for leaves and claims or wait for their physical printed payslips.

  2. Upon onboarding, new hires will have more access to organizational knowledge, allowing them to get familiar with the organizational culture more quickly without having to ask their colleagues for help.    

  3. Remote interviews save the candidates time to apply for a full-day leave and travel. It also helps employers to be able to interview a wider range of qualified job candidates to make the best decision.

  4. If every payroll, leave, claim, and process is automatized in the system, HR can just approve via the system and concentrate on more meaningful tasks at the strategic level.

  5. Employees can access the training course at any time, from any location, with the help of e-training. The training course can be divided into several sessions to complete the whole module if there is a time constraint. Get a free customized digital HR plan.

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