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Why should companies hire abroad?

1.Change in the mobile workforce:

Nearly 1 million city dwellers from New York and San Francisco are leaving the central business district, causing property prices in the suburbs to rise. 

2. Talent shortage in developed countries: 

The US workforce gap has reached 4.3 million between job searching and unfilled positions. The traditional way of searching for candidates doesn't work anymore.

3. Ready talent pool in Southeast Asia to grow your business:

A new generation with a high-growth mindset and desire to work for technology firms is ready to work with international companies. 

4. Improved productivity and efficiency:

A distributed workforce that worked remotely increased productivity by 13% and decreased the turnover rate by 50%.

5. To grow more rapidly:

A country like Indonesia has surged 10 places in the world of digital competitiveness ranking. Grab Indonesia is a Singapore company effort that grew its revenue tremendously by localizing its business with the local culture.

6. Increased diversity & inclusion:

A team with a diverse background promotes cognitive diversity that solves complex tasks quicker and with more innovative solutions. 


Hiring employees to work remotely in Southeast Asia reduces massive costs, such as office space and operational costs. You can achieve it with a Borderless hiring solution without an entity. 

Get tips on how to pay cost-effective salaries according to the remote employee's country currency rate! 

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