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What defines an employee under the employment act?

In Malaysia, for example, the Employment (Amendment) Act 2022 was set to protect employees' rights. As a result, under the new section 101c, 44, an employee is defined as :

(a) The manner of the employee's work is subject to the control or direction of the employer.

(b) Employee work hours are subject to the employer's control or direction.

(c) The employers will provide all the necessary tools, materials, or equipment to the hired employees for work execution.

(d) Employee work is integral to the employer's business operations.

(e) The employee's work is performed solely for the benefit of the hiring company.

(f) "Employee monthly salary" is a payment made to the employee in return for the work done at a regular interval. Such payment constitutes the majority of the employee's income.

The employer will need to pay the employees employed on time, regardless of whether the employee has met the work timeline every month.

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