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How does a PEO / EOR help in employee retention?


An EOR can find and hire A players anywhere. With EOR's help, a suitable replacement can be sourced quickly according to the company's timeline. 


2. HR software solution:

Track and monitor employee engagement with the technology solutions provided. An EOR like AYP delivers solutions that will help to create a more flexible, engaged, happier, and scalable workplace. 


3. Streamlined HR processes:

A PEO assists businesses in taking over HR processes like payroll, tax filing, and employee benefits administration, freeing up time and resources for the organization to concentrate on talent development and engagement.


4. Compliance support:

An EOR like AYP is backed up by 100+ cross-country legal specialists, which can reduce the risk of employee disputes and lawsuits, especially if the resignation involves a contractual issue. 

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