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How can HR improve the onboarding process?

Besides performing administrative tasks, HR may aid in ensuring a smoother transition. Here are a few suggestions: 

1.Advise an earlier exit interview if the decision is firm.

2. Ask the employee to list their primary responsibilities and regular duties.

3. Request the employee to describe the job challenges they have experienced. 

4. If a misaligned job expectation was identified, consider recruiting a more senior or junior replacement. 

5. Advice the employer on a new budget to compete with the market if the employee disclosed a higher salary offered.

6. If there are urgent projects to complete and getting a permanent staff is challenging due to urgency and strict requirements, consider a temporary replacement

7. What recommendations are made for reorganizing the tasks if too heavy or insufficient workloads were reported?

8. Are there any possible plans to train and hand over to their successor?

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