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What are the challenges of international expansion?

1. Misclassifying employees and independent contractors

Hiring a temporary worker as an independent contractor to work on a short-term yet intensive project. 


2. An offer letter without understanding the local laws

Using the same letter offer template across the entire organization, regardless of where the employees are employed. 


3. Without a sustainable hiring plan 

The technology industry is one of the industries that is expanding fast. Similarly, the turnover rates are the highest among other sectors.


4. Ignoring employee engagement

Neglecting remote employees' emotional needs in an isolated and fast-paced working environment could reinforce talents to seek alternative career options. 


5. Risk of micromanaging your employees

Constant monitoring to ensure employees are contributing and productive, particularly in a remote setting, can make employees feel untrusted and unempowered. 


6. Ignoring the complexity and latest in-country regulations

Labor laws vary across countries, such as minimum wage requirements could change annually according to government regulations. 


7. Without a global payroll solution 

Borderless hiring from multiple countries would only be possible with a sustainable global payroll solution. 

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