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How do AYP leaders lead the team to achieve the goals together?

AYP understand the importance of capitalizing on each other's strength within the group. AYP is adopting the wolf leadership and collaboration method:

1. Digital & Marketing Department

The main function of this department is standing on the front line to ensure that our products and services are well recognized and benefit the search users who are searching for a business solution, just like you!

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2.Sales and growth department

This department serves as the “hunter” for our group, they are very important to ensure that we have “enough food” by generating revenue returns to our company. In AYP, customers are highly prioritized.

The sales team will pitch the services to you to ensure the solutions solve your challenges.


3.Finance Department

They are part of an organization that manages its money, they are the “keeper” of the team. With their efforts, the management team will know the financial health of the company from time to time and ensure that the company is prospering.


4.The leaders – Management Department

They are the strategic thinkers, planning the next future move and steering the company towards the right path.

They are the vision and the “Alphas” that stay at the back to ensure no one is left behind.

They ensure team building and lifting are constantly happening, and guide the team. Learn this leadership style.

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