Is E-recruitment the best recruitment channel?

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The 21st century is the Information Age (also known as the Computer Age, Digital Age, or New Media Age). Information revolution has enabled people to communicate quickly and interactively. Undoubtedly, the explosive development of the Internet and social networking have disrupted and transformed our traditional way of life. Consequently, social media, online games, online news, online shopping and online portals have all mushroomed and leaped into the spotlight. the In same backdrop, e-recruitment or online recruitment activities have also since been on the rise, becoming an integral part of our working life.

What are the advantages of Online Recruitment?

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After several years of rapid development and improvement, online recruitment is increasingly popular and well adopted by businesses and job seekers of all ages. Human Resources Software has improved tremendously. Its recruitment function is refined with automation and engagement. As a result, online recruitment entails a wide range of benefits, including cost-savings, ease of access, reduced barriers to regional markets, and quick turnaround rates. If you are a human resource specialist or specialise in competency management, you can potentially advertise on a employment portal in the morning and start receiving resumes from applicants in the afternoon. By the next day, you can easily arrange for interviews, interview the shortlisted candidates and even close the position. By all means, all these can be efficiently accomplished within a few days’ work.
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In terms of cost, it is commonplace to only fork out a few hundred dollars to publish a job posting for a month. As with all online advertisements and postings, its reach is not restricted and limited by any geographical boundaries. In other words, job seekers can come from anywhere in the world. And all they need is to have an Internet access and a Browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox. In a few simple steps, they are able to search and apply for their dream jobs at their convenience. As a job seeker, if you do not react quickly to each job posting, your dream job may be taken by other good candidates in no time. Fortunately, you may set up Job Alerts with each portal for them to notify you when jobs of interest are made available.

Working with headhunting companies is a smart and viable choice

You can also find jobs through human resources companies or executive search firms, commonly known as the headhunters. Headhunting companies are equipped with a wide range of talent needs, huge corporate network, and salary bench-marking. Therefore, you are able to get quality job recommendations. Likewise, you can also seek help from professional search consultants for initial qualification examinations to prepare for formal interviews. They can be your trusted career advisers, providing you with sound career insights and advice related to personality development and competency framework.

Advertisements on print media like Newspapers and Magazines

Additionally, some companies opt for open recruitment advertisements on print media like the newspaper (The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Lianhe Wanbao) or magazines (Headhunt). You can advertise in the Recruit section of the Saturday edition of The Straits Times, which is one of the more popular choices. Other media open recruitment channels also include television and radio advertising. Usually, advertising on these media commands a higher premium. This is owing to the fact that a high cost creates an impression. That is, that the advertising companies are stable and well-established. This in turn helps to attract competent talents to apply for placement roles.

On-site job fairs attract a large volume of job seekers

You can also participate in on-site recruitment (or Job Fair).  Almost every major government organisations and its recruitment agencies would hold on-site recruitment on a periodic basis. You can meet with the company representatives in the job fairs and ask them for more details regarding long-term direction, benefits, culture and job descriptions before application.  In essence, the interactive exchange of information helps to bridge the knowledge gap between the job seekers and employers.

Why not go with staff referral?

Enterprises can leverage on staff referral, which is another useful channel. Usually, staff would only recommend their friends and relatives from their personal network. This is because they would have certain knowledge about their proficiency and and work behaviour. In order for this to be viable, a knowledge-sharing and collaborative environment have to be established between the employer and the candidates with a detailed disclosure of the related strengths and weaknesses. This ensures that specific skill sets are accurately matched to the employers' needs, and that their personality are aligned with workplace culture.

Each channel is different and it serves its own purpose

In short, there is no one best recruitment channel. Each channel serves its own purpose. Depending on varying business sentiments and the recruitment needs, there can be more than one way to accomplish your goal.
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